Monday, July 21, 2008

Edible Body Paint

I'm back and I had a very wonderful and sexy vacation! I also learned something. Almost 6 months ago I wrote a blog called People Who Like To Eat Stuff Off of Each Other where I ranted about how dumb it is to buy edible sex stuff. I did give one exception to the rule, which was honey dust.

After my oh so sexy vacation, I have to give another exception to the rule. The store I work at, Early to Bed, recently started carrying a new body paint, Colore Moi Strawberry, that actually tastes REALLY good! All of us sex educators were amazed at the taste of this stuff and even joked about having it for dessert after our lunch breaks.

So I picked some of this strawberry flavored paint up for our super sexy romantic vacation so we could try it on more than just a finger at the store. It is a little difficult to work with because it is so thick, but it is opaque unlike most body paints. And it tasted just damn good especially when mixed with champagne.

This stuff is still not ok to put anywhere near a vulva and may leave you a little sticky afterwards, but unlike stuff you can buy at the grocery store, this stuff also doesn't have that super syrupy fake strawberry taste. It actually tastes like real strawberries. It is definitely on the pricey side, but one tube should last you awhile as long as you don't start eating it directly out of the container (a more difficult task than one might imagine).

So if you are the kind of person who likes to eat stuff off of your partner then definitely pick a tube of this stuff up. I highly recommend the strawberry flavor, but be warned that the peppermint tastes like toothpaste.

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