Sunday, February 17, 2008

People Who Like to Eat Stuff Off of Each Other

It has been awhile since I have posted a rant. It is definitely past due. This rant's subject is people who like to eat stuff off of each other.

Working in a sex shop I've noticed that many people seem to want to eat stuff off of each other. I'm fine with that. I can see how it can be sexy and I've even participated in it a little bit myself. However, what annoys me is that people seem to want things that are specialized for sex to eat off each other. This is dumb. If you want to eat something chocolaty off of each other get chocolate syrup or nutella. It is a helluva lot cheaper and tastes better. We're seriously talking like 10x cheaper in some cases. And then there is edible underwear. Yuck! It is like a fruit roll up, but worse. And women should really not be putting sugary things near their vulvas.

The worst part is that there is no such thing as stuff you can eat off of each other that is actually specialized for sex. You still can't put it on (or even worse, in) a woman's vulva without the worry of her getting an infection and you're still going to be sticky after you're done. So really, save yourself the money and just buy some chocolate syrup or whipped cream or whatever at the grocery store.

But hey, as long as everyone keeps buying the edible sex play stuff, sex shops will keep selling them.

The one exception that I have found for this is Honey Dust. You still shouldn't put it on a woman's vulva, but you won't end up sticky and it has multiple uses. It is really light tasting so it will take longer for you to get tired of the taste and there's no pressure to lick it all off because it won't leave you sticky and will actually help to absorb sweat. You can dust it in your sheets to absorb sweat and make them smell nice. Heck in the summer I even use honey dust in my sandals to keep my feet dry and sweet smelling.

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