Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Purpose of a Butt Plug

OK, so my friends and I were talking about this the other week and we weren't really sure.

We were talking about butt plugs and how the term "plug" implying it's stopping up a hole or filling some sort of gap. We looked it up on wikipedia and really only saw that it was not so much functional as it was used for pleasure, despite the implied meaning. Does a butt plug have a functional purpose like to plug the butt from leaking (gross I know!) or is it merely for sexual pleasure?

There is more than one meaning for the word plug. Think of an electrical plug or gauged out ear jewelry that is also called a plug (pic). Neither of those has the function of stopping anything from coming out or going in. They are merely objects that one inserts into a hole where it remains until taken out. A butt plug is an object that is inserted into a hole, specifically the anus, and stays there until taken out. And yes, it is usually used for pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Trust me sister, no one wants to stop that thing up too long.


Calculating Infinity said...

I love using butt plugs. I am a male that enjoys anal stimulation with my girlfriend. She and I both wear them while making love and going out to do things outside of the house. They become an obsession and your ass feels lonely without it if you get used to it. Lots of people do this.

Anonymous said...

The standard size butt plug which often is sleak, thin and about 4-5" long is often used as a starter for getting into anal play.

Butt plugs - which come in a variety of sizes tend to be used more for gradually building up ones tolerance and stretching the anus so one can eventually move on to bigger toys or people.

If they were solely used for pleasure, it would be kind of redundant when there's a wide selection of dildos, vibrators and other anal toys.

And they're less invasive than using an anoscope or rectal speculum - which are usually isolated to medical play.

However as with C.I.'s reply, they are easier to wear on the downlow - though one might want to invest in a good harness to keep it in check.

Particularly when wearing them in public as sometimes they can become lost. It's not the highlight of the evening when you're doing your grocery shopping and your toy falls out, rolling across the aisles.

And of course, they can also disappear upwards, if they don't have base or the base is too pliable.