Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Site!

Hey everyone AAG created a new site for me and transferred all 2+ years of this blog over to its own domain at AskGarnet.com. Check it out and let me know what you think. And while you're there please make sure to subscribe to the new feed or you won't be able to see any of my new entries. All new postings will be made there.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pleasurists #63

In the Looking Glass by PerryGallagher

Pleasurists is a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. For updates and information follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.

Did you miss Pleasurists #62? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #64? Be sure to read our submission guidelines and then you can use our submission form and submit it before Sunday February 7th at 11:59pm PST.

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e[lust] #6

Editor’s Pick

  • The Forked Tongue by Sweet Tart
  • It is a short book: 124 pages, large font, wide spacing, maybe 30,000 words in total. And yet, unlike other books on similar topics, it does not feel like there is too little material. Rather, that Flagg is the master of brevity and precision. His is the pert aphorism, the cutting quote. He wields words like a surgeon wields a scalpel. As, indeed, he should: his topic is the use of language.

    Note: Not only does Sweet Tart do a wonderful job introducing a book to us in a well-written and concise manner (in perfect harmony with the book itself it seems) but The Forked Tongue sounds absolutely intriguing and slightly disturbing. They are both definitely worth a read!


Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure: Porn Reviews

Ok so obviously the last porno I watched for XCritic was pretty awful. But the 5 that I was recently sent should all be pretty damn awesome. This makes it extremely difficult to choose which one to watch first so I'm going to leave it up to you.

1. Frisk Me starring Madison Young, Syd Blackovich, and Satine Phoenix. All of which are totally drool worthy!
We are under surveillance. And it’s so terrifying that it becomes… titillating. Step into a fantasy world where hand-cuffs and interrogation are simply foreplay. Where night sticks become sex toys, where Orwellian policing becomes protocol and a window for voyeuristic desires to be satiated. Where TSA agents do cavity searches that will have you screaming out in orgasms and begging the words “Frisk Me.” We are reclaiming terror and cultivating pleasure with anal orgasms, female ejaculation, blow jobs, hot dripping wet sex, and BDSM. So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to Frisk Me?

2. Speakeasy starring Billy Castro, Dallas Fivestar, Lorelei Lee, and Jiz Lee.
Detective Billy Castro descends into the world of porn noir as he investigates an underground queer club filled with handsome transmen and femme fatales. While on a stakeout, the private dick witnesses Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar perform passionate suspension with ejaculation, as well as the bartenders tending to each other. After fighting for a chance to dance with the lovely Lorelei Lee, our gumshoe gets more than a mambo during their table-top tryst. Shot on location in an actual speakeasy bar, award-winning director Courtney Trouble worked with videographer Morty Diamond to capture the feel of the 1940s, as well as the queer fetish and fearlessness of our own era.

Courtney Trouble's "Speakeasy" Trailer! from Courtney Trouble on Vimeo.

3. Mandy Candy starring Mandy Morbid and Kimberly Kane.
Ever been so close to Mandy Morbid you could taste candy?  In this trip, you’ll witness her true sexual appetite.  From the dirty streets of Hollywood to fancy hotels in Beverly Hills, Mandy picks up desperate little runways and orders up sex like room service.  See Mandy exploited just the way she likes it, by award-winning fuck director Kimberly Kane, who demands the nastiest sex acts be carried out with no hesitation. How deprived can Mandy get? Just put this candy in your mouth and SUCK.

4. Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out! starring Tina Horn who may just have one of the best asses ever and also starring a bunch of people I've never heard of, but who look fucking hot.
Reality porn is coming out of the closet in this first ever gonzo queer film. Award-winning director Courtney Trouble invites 7 diverse, fresh-faced performers to a kinky slumber-party for fun and games… only tonight there are no rules, no limits and no bedtime! The amateur cast picks their own partners, their own sex toys and their own ways of getting off. Spin the Bottle inspires an unscripted fuck-fest and first-time fantasies come true during a Truth or Dare strap-on sex scene. With honest video confessions, authentic orgasms and natural bodies, Seven Minutes in Heaven is the real queer deal.

5. Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality starring Dylan Ryan, Tina Horn, and Aiden Starr.
Discover the fluidity of sexuality. Part documentary, part pornography, this film from award-winning director Madison Young is more than the sum of its parts. These women are deconstructing words and labels to define sexuality on their own terms. During in depth interviews, Dylan Ryan, Aiden Starr, Tina Horn and Amber Keen discuss their personal journeys into the world of queer, bisexual and pansexual identities. Sex scenes then allow them to fulfill their fantasies and create intimate connections with men and women. They give it and get it the way they want it; with hot threesomes, delicious blow jobs, female ejaculation on the roof top and a circle jerk in the kitchen. With its courageous, creative and carnal cast, Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality will stimulate you both sexually and intellectually.