Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review: Alone For You

Another porn review of mine is up at XCritic. This one is another production, but from their masturbation line. Here's a little snippet:

There is no plot here. Its just women who set up cameras and then masturbate in front of them. Sound good? Well its not. Its amazingly boring. There are 9 women in this video and they all masturbate in extremely similar ways and even 8/9ths of them are brunette. By the end you're not really sure you would be able to tell these ladies apart. That is if you make it to the end. Somewhere around the middle I started to come up with a list of realistic things I rather be doing with my time. Realistic because no one would really rather get a root canal than watch really boring porn. However, I would rather do the dishes, clean my room, go to my boring ass accounting job, hang out with annoying people for a few hours, watch porn that isn't hot at all but is at least funny or entertaining, read a textbook, or do my taxes. Several of these things I actually did do instead of watching the porn because it was torture I tell you. And it isn't that I don't like watching people masturbate. I definitely enjoyed ...

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