Monday, September 28, 2009

Teneo Uno

Babeland recently sent me the newest Smart Balls from the oh so awesome Fun Factory. For my review of the original Smart Balls go here.

The Teneo Uno is pretty similar to the original in that it has the same size ball with a smaller ball inside that shakes and its made out of elastomer with a string attached. However, the Uno only has one ball, which is great for beginners or women who have smaller vaginas. Or, in my case, for those of us who prefer to only leave the house wearing one because two becomes too uncomfy when not aroused. And leave the house I did! In fact I wore it to my 10 year high school reunion. Bet my classmates had no idea!

Compared to the original Smart Balls, I didn't feel like I was getting as much of a workout, but considering the fact that I won't wear those out of the house, its really more of a workout since I'm doing it for more hours in the day.

Another difference is this cool little nook at the bottom of the ball that makes it easier for insertion. It fits the finger well so you have a spot to push against. They also changed the string from a non-stretchy string, to one that is almost rubberband-like in nature. It actually inspired me to use the toy as a slingshot upon opening. And while that's fun, I found that the limitations of the stretchy string were kind of big for me. A non-stretchy string makes for easier resistance training and removal. When you pull on a non-stretchy string the whole toy comes with it at a nice even pace. When you pull on a stretchy string you pull and pull until you get a POP when it comes out, which doesn't feel too nice. This is especially the case if you like to masturbate with your kegelcisor in. After cumming, the muscles in your vagina are often pretty tight and OMG pulling that thing out with force does not feel so great. Although, the one upside I found is that the string no longer hangs straight out and tickles my leg, which can be distracting no matter how much of a jackhammer your vibe is. Not really worth that POP though.

They also put more little divet designs on this model of Smart Balls. While this may add to its aesthetics, it does nothing for what it feels like and actually makes it more difficult to clean.

And that may sound like quite a few negatives, but I can tell you that this baby is definitely coming with me on my honeymoon next month! Nothing like something in your vaj to keep your mind on sex during a date with your sweetie.

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