Sunday, September 6, 2009

Condom Review: Durex Avanti

This week's condom review is the Durex Avanti which is another non-latex condom. This one is made out of polyurethane like the Trojan Supras.

It comes in a dark package with purple highlights which while very attractive would probably be tough to spot in the dark if you're one of those couples who's afraid to leave some light on. It's not latex based, so it doesn't have much of a scent and transmits sensation a bit better than most of the latex varieties but not nearly as good as the polyisoprene. We were a bit turned off by the fact that the lube that it comes equipped with had a bit of numbing sensation in the mouth, which while excellent for those who have a hard time taking a mouthful, was a little disconcerting when it wasn't expected. The wrapper was easy to open, but unrolling it became a 2-handed operation, costing it points.

Ease of use 4.0
Sensation 4.0
Taste/Fragrance 5.0

**Note: The polyurethane Avanti's have recently been discontinued and are only available in select locations for a limited time. Apparently the polyisoprene in the Lifesytles SKYNs is so much better that Durex has changed the Avanti's to the same material. The new ones are called Avanti Bare.**

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Anonymous said...

Worst product i have ever used! It ripped the very first time i used it, not durable what so ever and if you have anything other than a tiny pee pee you will have issues with it ripping!