Sunday, September 27, 2009

Condom Review: Durex Max Love

After a week off, this week's condom review is Durex Max Love which is 20% thinner than the average condom.

Bright red package with pretty hearts it's easy to pick out among the crowd. Latex based and lubricated, when we opened the package (which was totally simple and ripped clean and quick) it smelled like walking into a tire shop that had a pot of flowers at the entrance. As I've pointed out before, I'm a guy of exceeding mediumness so I was pleased to find that this was designed with a diameter to accommodate. A quick easy 1-handed roll down and we were off to the races. For latex it transmitted temperature quite well but the sensation was just a tiny bit lacking, both very unusual things for latex. The taste was a bit in contrast to the smell, not unpleasant.

Ease of use 5.0
Sensation 4.25
Taste/Fragrance 4.0


Raquel said...

I adore Durex above all others. It's too bad to hear the sensation was a bit lacking in this one. I'm also concerned if the floral scent creates any negative side effects for the woman (as many ladies are often sensitive to dyes and perfumes in that region) but I think it's worth a shot, nonetheless. Thanks for the report, and your self- sacrificing research!

Garnet Joyce said...

Glad you're enjoying the condom reviews Raquel! I can't take credit for them (a male friend of mine wrote them all up). I can't use most of these condoms as I have a latex allergy. :(