Friday, January 11, 2008

Ouch! His Penis Hurts Me!

The guy I'm dating is fairly well hung. Strange thing is that while it's not the biggest penis I've had, it HURTS me a lot afterwards, not during. He's energetic but not really very rough. Most my previous partners try to drill holes through me, this one is tame by anyone's standards.

If I stay awake after sex, then I'm hurting until I fall asleep. If I fall asleep after, then the pain starts to hit me a few hours after waking and walking around. I'm not talking about sore, my uterus feels like it's getting sucked up by my stomach. I can't walk and changing positions makes me feel like my insides are going to explode.

Everyone at work laughs at me (there's no way i can hide this sort of pain) and while my boy sympathizes with me, mostly, he just laughs because it's this insane ego trip for him.

I don't want to not have sex. It's not only very good sex, but it's kind of impossible to avoid. He's very young and very horny.

What do I do?

Any man who is proud of hurting a woman with his penis is a misogynistic jerk. I don't care how young and horny he may be, if he wants to have sex with you he should be more understanding and try to find ways to make sure you don't hurt afterwards. Sex should be a pleasurable experience for both of you and if you're hurting after sex then you're going to be less likely to want to do it as time goes on. It is in his best interest to help you out in any way he can.

The first thing I want you to do is go to a doctor or a reproductive health clinic like Planned Parenthood. Get a pelvic exam and get tested for STIs. Pain can be caused by STIs or other infections that may not show any other symptoms.

If you find out you are healthy or after you get treated and you find you're still having pains you will probably need to experiment with positions. Your current partner may not be bigger than some of the guys you've had, but his penis may be shaped differently. Take note of the way his penis curves. Any curvature at all may hurt certain women while others may prefer a curved penis. Try having his penis enter you from different angles and see if this makes a difference.

There are also positions you can try to make penetration shallower. Try laying on your stomach with your legs slightly separated and him on top of you, entering from behind. Try having sex in a spooning position. You can also try riding him, which will give you control over depth. Missionary will even work as long as you keep your legs down on the bed instead of up in the air or over his shoulders.

The goal really is to experiment a lot and see what works for the both of you. Experimenting is fun and hot!

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