Sunday, August 9, 2009

Condom Review: Roomier One

I sent my male reviewer Clix a whole bunch of condoms from Early to Bed to test out and review. He did all the dirty (fun) work for you so you can just sit back, read up, and choose the best condoms for yourself based on his experiences.

Once a week I will add a new review of a condom he tried out and wrote up. This week's review is for Roomier One with the pleasure dome.

I'm not going to lie, I managed to pick this particular condom as my first to review because of the artwork on the wrapper (wrappers come in varying designs). The external imagery caught my eye, and the round shape was easy to pick out amongst the pile of squares. One of the key factors I've found in condom selection has been the ease of package opening. I was cursed with a penis that can lose interest rather quickly if steady stimulation isn't kept up, so if a condom isn't easy to remove from packaging and slip on in the heat of the moment, I run the risk of diminishing firmness. The requirement of continued stimulation also leads to a problem with condoms that fail to transmit adequate sensation and temperature. Luck was on my side with the selection of the One with pleasure dome. The package came open quickly, it rolled right on, and the rest of the testing began. The lubrication on the condom was just enough to enhance what was naturally in place without becoming too lubricated, and it managed to stay in place quite well. The roomier tip gave a little extra sliding sensation which when coupled with the fact that these guys provide superior warmth/sensation transmission provided for an extremely enjoyable romp in the hay. The taste/smell test offered some positive results, with there being little to no noticeable condom fragrance and a flavorless lube residue that dissipated quickly. My partner's response was positive as well, noting that it didn't feel too grippy during penetration and she was still able to detect the texture variations provided by my piercings rather easily.

Ease of use 5
Sensation 4.5
Taste/Fragrance 4.5

All ratings are out of 5.

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