Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home for Lost Boys

An acquaintance of mine recently started a fabulous new erotic/porn site called Home for Lost Boys and you should all really check it out. She has a thing for pretty boys. We're not talking underwear models or Brad Pitt here. Specifically, she has a thing for boys who look like they could be girls. And who could blame her? I love a little gender bending with my sex!

She was disappointed at the availability of such erotic art on the internet and decided that the world needed to see her sexy vision of naked pretty boys. The site currently has 12 adorably sexy boys (One kind of looks like that dude from the Twilight movie) in different states of undress and also has a community forum where members can get to know each other and the models. I hear she's also looking for someone to write erotic stories about pretty boys. So give her a holler if you're interested.

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