Friday, May 2, 2008

When Lube Goes Bad

Speaking of lube ... here's a lube question from one of our readers.

Glycerin free water based lubes without expiration date? How long would you keep them.. unopened and opened alike?

Water-based lubes are usually good for about 1-3 years, but you can tell if lube is bad. When lube goes bad it smells bad and/or the consistency changes. Before putting it on any sensitive parts open it up, smell it, pour some on your fingers and rub it between them. Does it feel, look, and smell like it should? If so then go ahead and play, but if not then toss it. If the lube is more than 3 years old then just toss it. Its not worth the risk. This is why it is good to only buy lube in the quantity that you'll need it. Don't buy super enormous tubs of lube if you aren't going to use it all up in a couple years. In order to make your lube last make sure to store it in a cool dry place and always cap it.

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