Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Take My Lube Please!

As I was cleaning my apartment the other day I decided that I have way more lube than I will ever need or use. I get lots of lube samples from working at Early to Bed and reviewing toys for Babeland and while I love lube I really just don't need this much. So I've decided to pass my good fortune on to you!

All you have to do is write me a story about what you would do with all of this lube. It doesn't have to be true and it can be sexy, sultry, lovey, funny, silly, or ridiculous. You can write me a story about hot sex or you can write me a story about how you'd become a super hero and lube would be your secret weapon. It does not matter! All I want is for it to be a well written story that is fun and in no way offensive (sex is fun, bigotry is offensive). I will read all of the stories and will pick the top 3. Once I've picked the top three I will post the stories and readers will get to vote for their favorite. If your story was picked or if you're a reader who just really loves one of the stories you need to get as many of your friends to vote for it as possible.

The prize will be about $35 worth of lube and a bottle of Babeland Toy Cleaner. Here is the lube list:
1 2oz bottle emerita natural lubricant with vitamin e (w)
1 4oz bottle babeland lube (w)
1 pillow o'my blueberry cheesecake natural lubricant (w)
1 pillow sliquid h2o (w)
1 pillow slippery stuff (w)
1 pillow babeland lube (w)
1 pillow fun factory bodyfluid (s)
2 pillows liquid silk (w)
2 pillows maximus (w)
1 pillow hydra-smooth (w)

So send your stories to with the subject "Lube Contest." Friends and family are eligible to win, but my fiance is not (damnit I'm trying to get the lube OUT of the house!). Once a winner is picked they will be notified by email. If picked you will need to provide me with a name and address so that I can ship your prize. I will not sell your information or send you anything besides your prize. Package will be in a plain brown box so that you aren't embarrassed about winning a ton of lube. All entries must be received by 05/31/08 at midnight CST.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I can't wait to write my story!

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as "too much lube". You always have use for lube..and..its allmostly lube pillows. they get used quickly.

jerry321999 said...

There's no such thing as "too much lube"

You have just enouhg to last for a couple of years.

Hell, I've gone thru large bottles in 3 years.

Garnet Joyce said...

Heh well I'm not giving away all the lube I have. I have plenty to last me awhile even if I give away all of this.

Brette said...

I want to make sure you recieved my "Ode to Lube" poem!

Garnet Joyce said...

I did indeed

brette said...

Awesome, congrats on being done with school by the way. Finals are kicking my ass as we speak :)

dep said...

D'oh. I've had a friend in town and we were out all day yesterday :( I have my fingers crossed for a short deadline extension!

Garnet Joyce said...

Sorry dep rules are rules.