Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Menage a Trois Fantasy Kit

Time again for another Babeland kit review. This time I will be talking about the Menage a Trois Fantasy Kit which consists of a thong-style nylon-strapped harness that allows for double penetration (that is penetration of a woman's vagina and anus at the same time) and a Tantus red silicone dildo. The set also includes several metal o-rings of different sizes and one rubber o-ring.

First, lets talk about the harness. It is a nylon harness which means that it is pretty easy to care for and easy to adjust. The packaging says that the harness fits up to 60" hips. It is a thong style harness, which I was a bit disappointed by. I prefer the two strap style (or jock strap style as it is sometimes called) because it does not go up my ass crack. Now some people may enjoy having their genitals and ass crack rubbed by a thin piece of nylon strap, but I am definitely not one of them. I find that it causes irritation. No biggie though, I just wore my underwear under the harness to improve my level of comfort. Now the cool thing about the harness is that it can be worn by a man or a woman. The o-rings double as a cock ring for men or you can just slip another dildo in there if you are a woman. Your partner will have to be female-bodied for it to work effectively though.

The dildo that comes with it is silicone and made by Tantus which makes high quality sex toys. It measures 5" x 1-1/8", which is probably too big for someone who is just starting out, but would be great for someone with intermediate or expert level experience. Either way though, you should warm your partner up first with a finger or a smaller butt toy before sticking this one in.

Now while I usually put a lot of faith in Tantus products I have to say that this dildo does not meet my high standards for them. There are just a couple flaws in this dildo (not sure if they all come like this or if I was just unlucky) that I was unhappy with. First of all, the base is not completely flat on the bottom. It is slightly rounded, which isn't a big deal, but for me is a bit of a hassle. After I clean a sex toy and before I begin to use it I like to be able to stand it up on its base to keep it away from any surfaces which may have germs, dust, etc on them. When the base is not completely flat, the toy tends to tip over. Not impossible to work around, but annoying just the same. The second flaw is barely worth mentioning, but is still not the quality that I have come to expect from Tantus. The dildo has a bump and a couple of dimples on the head of it. Normally I see completely smooth dildos from Tantus. Despite these flaws though I am happy that it is a silicone dildo so that it is easy to sanitize, which is especially important for any toys going up the butt.

I don't know about this claim of feeling like you're having a menage a trois. I think that is a bit ridiculous, but if you or your partner enjoys hands-free double penetration then this toy is great. So far I've only tried it in the doggy-style position, which is what is recommended on the Babeland site, but it worked really well and the dildos seemed to be spaced perfectly for double penetration. The only real downside to this type of toy is that changing positions is a bit cumbersome since you can't switch from doggy to missionary or vice versa without switching dildos washing things off, or changing condoms.

There is one thing that I would have added to this kit that I'm actually surprised that Babeland does not include. Many of their other kits seem to come with a lubricant, but this one does not, which is surprising since it involves anal play which requires lube. Possibly reasoning for this would be that if you're using this kit you probably already have experience with anal sex and therefore have a lube of your own. I still think a sample of a nice thick lube like Maximus would have been a nice touch though.

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