Monday, October 5, 2009

Condom Review: Durex High Sensation

This week's condom review is the Durex High Sensation. This is another latex condom. And a reminder, all of these condoms can be ordered through

Another bright red package which could very easily be confused for the Max Love, it tore open but not quite as easily as the Max Love. It was of similar diameter to the Max Love, but that's where the resemblance ceases. The roll down was easy but not quite as easy. The smell was like the tire shop again, but this time without the flowers. At least it was a very pretty red! The taste was a little rubbery and the lube left an odd taste. The sensation transfer was fairly close to the Max Love, but this one actually out performed it with lube that wasn't quite as over slippery as the other.

Ease of use 4.5
Sensation 4.00
Taste/Fragrance 3.75

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