Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Door Jam Cuffs

Ever had fantasies about beating your partner into submission while they were strapped to a wall or door? Want to make those fantasies a reality without installing hardware that could put holes in the wall or lead to embarrassing moments when friends or relatives stop by? These door jam cuffs by Sportsheets may just be the answer!

Babeland recently sent me a set and I gotta admit that they are a lot of fun. You simply throw the plastic bars over or under the other side of the door, close it, and hook your partner in with comfy fleece lined cuffs. Unfortunately, a set only comes with two cuffs so you'll have to choose between ankles and wrists. I think wrists work just fine, but if you have a particularly fiesty partner you may want to purchase two sets of these so they can be secured properly.

Since the bars that go on the other side of the door are made of a pretty soft plastic there was no damage to the door at all, and believe me my partner tugged hard. The one down side was that there were a couple times when she tugged hard enough to actually open the door. So watch out for that possibility. Also, because of the nature of these, the person being strapped to the door really has to be shorter than the door or its no fun.

I don't know about all of you, but when I get my hands on bondage toys like these it makes my imagination go wild. I'm always trying to come up with new ways to torture my sexy little sub. I'm sure you'll come up with new fun things as well. And remember, because they require no installation, you can take them anywhere that there is a door!

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