Sunday, March 8, 2009

Better than a Hitachi Magic Wand?

Less than 2 weeks to the wedding! Talk about stress! And what is a better cure for stress than orgasms? Can't think of a damned thing!

Ok folks, I really never thought I'd say this. Like seriously, never in a million years did I ever think these words would come out of my mouth/from my fingertips. I think I found a vibrator that is better than the hitachi magic wand. Only time will really tell, but my first impressions are just "Wow!!"

If you're a hitachi addict like I am, you'll understand how often pointless it seems to try new vibrators when you've already found the best. But then I met the Acuvibe Mini and my world has changed. It is so much smaller and lighter than the hitachi. So many nights of frustration with the hitachi because of its heft and size seem to now have been for no good reason. How my hand and wrist would ache from holding the enormous vibe and how frustrating it was on cold nights to masturbate under a blanket. And then there is the cord, which always keeps you close to outlets meaning on vacations you sometimes end up masturbating on the floor of your hotel room instead of the bed. And other times you are just frustrated because the cord just never seems long enough or has become twisted around the bed post.

No more need for frustration! The Acuvibe Mini is so small (only 8" compared to the hitachi's 12") and lightweight in comparison and its rechargeable so you will no longer need to be near an outlet. It only has one setting, but its very comparable to the low setting on the hitachi, which has the deep rumble that a girl like me craves. The head is not as big as the hitachi, but it has a curve that nicely cradles me in all the right spots. And unlike the rechargeable cousin to the hitachi, the Ideal, this baby doesn't rattle and distract you from that awesome orgasm. It's not whisper quiet, but it just sounds like a loud vibrator like the hitachi does.

Possible downsides include:
- If only the high setting on the hitachi can get you off, this one won't work for you.
- If you're addicted to all those attachments for the hitachi, this also won't work for you. The attachments won't fit on the smaller head of the Acuvibe mini and I haven't seen any attachments made for it yet.
- If you don't like the jackhammer strong vibes like the hitachi you will HATE this vibrator.
- And really the only downside to me personally being that it has a bright blue light on when its charging. Not a big deal, I just cover it up with a towel.

I have a feeling this vibe won't last as long as the hitachi since it is rechargeable, but its so rare that any vibes last that long anyways. It does come with a one year manufacturer warranty though. I will keep you all updated as its use continues to let you know if I find any flaws, but here's hoping that I have actually found a vibrator that outranks the hitachi.

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