Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oddest Searches August 2008

Bad news: my computer is not working very well and at this point cannot get onto the internet. So this means that you won't be hearing as much from me until I can either get a new computer or somehow fix the old one. So please bear with me.

Today I'm starting a new monthly post: Oddest Searches. Each month I will post the top strangest words and phrases that people have googled which somehow led them to my site. Some times I can see the connection and sometimes I really cannot. But what is most interesting is the window to the mind of these people. Or at the very least it is highly amusing and sometimes worrisome. So without further adieu:

- love diagram
- vin diesel cock size
- obsession analingus
- virgin pussy diagram
- how to use figging in the marriage
- tribadism october 2007
- garnet sex
- is a woman's squerting orgasum normal
- woman squirts hard boiled egg out of her vagina
- analingus intestinal infection
and the winner for the oddest search term for August 2008: worms analingus

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