Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Condom Comparison: Trojan, Mamba, and Babeland

Here is that condom comparison blog I have been promising. This is the first time this young man has reviewed anything, but he is always bugging me about free condoms so I thought I'd make him work for them this time.

A little background info:
All three condom types are latex.
The Mamba condoms were provided by Babeland in the Eco-Sexy Kit. The blurb they include about them is "Made of silkiest feeling latex you'll find in a condom, the Mamba is a snugger fit than our others. The Swedish manufacturer's testing process is 15 times more stringent than any other condom company in the world. So the Mamba is not only built for sensation, it boasts a Volvo-like safety record."

The Babeland condom was provided by Babeland (obviously) in the Bunny Love Kit. There is no info about these condoms on the website, but the back of the wrapper said that it was studded.

Trojans are what this guy normally uses so he is comparing those to the aforementioned condoms.

And on with the show ...

The first condom is one I normally use: lubricated Trojan-ENZ. I use this particular number because I know it, I trust it, and it is easily found in virtually any convenience store. The material is latex and has a good amount of lubricant. The packaging can be difficult to open. This is troublesome especially when you’re girlfriend/date is getting out of the mood, or you have a time limit. While partaking in the act, it pretty much does what it is supposed to do: keep you out of parenthood. Clean up is a hassle as some of the excess fluid tends to seep out of the rim. I just figured all condoms were like this so I really didn’t think much of it. Until I sampled these next two brands: Mamba and Babeland.

I’ve never heard of either, but I was willing to try something different. The first thing about Mamba that tickled my fancy was that the packaging was really easy to open. You just tear it down the center. No more hassle and no more lost opportunities for me or my date. The fit is very comfortable as it conforms to the contour of the penis. It feels and operates like any other condom; however, taking it off is the money maker. The head end of it is larger than your everyday condom as it is more bulbous in shape. This is beneficial during clean-up because it traps all of the fluids in the head and reservoir tip. A good experience overall.

Mamba’s performance was notable, thus I was reluctant to try the Babeland-branded condom. However, for the sake of writing this comparative article, I gave it a shot. This one was different from the two I talked about because it was a studded condom. The package was very similar to that of the Trojans, therefore a little more difficult to open quickly. As for the usage, I had to consult my partner since it felt the same to me. She said that she can really feel the “little bumps” and enjoyed it overall. The bad part is that she may never let me use regular condoms again. The good part is that we both enjoyed ourselves; a goal that some sex partners struggle to achieve, especially in longer relationships. As a whole, the Babeland condom is a quality product.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... babeland condoms. Can I just order them from the site?

Garnet Joyce said...

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this one. My emails were apparently ending up in the spam box of my Babeland contact. Apparently they are currently out of stock of Babeland condoms, but they will have some in soon. They are apparently changing the design on them a bit. However, their roughrider condoms should have a similar effect if you can't wait.