Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Call for Submissions

I want to start by apologizing for the lack of updates lately. Between bronchitis and finals I've been busy and exhausted. I promise I will have a new blog up this weekend. Teaser: It will be about female ejaculation or squirting as it is sometimes called.

I have really been enjoying your questions. Some of you have even sent in some questions about things I did not know about. I love learning new things! This gives me an opportunity to do research and to consult friends who may have more information than I do (like med students and people involved in the bdsm community). Please keep sending me questions!

I've decided to start something new here at my blog. I'd like more involvement from my readers. So I'd like to ask that if anyone is interested in writing something on the topic of sex, sexuality, or gender to please email me an idea or something that you've written already. It of course can't be published elsewhere. I don't want any copyright infringement going on. But I know that a lot of you are very talented, some are even professional writers, and I know that you have interesting things to say. Maybe you have something to say that you can't normally write about in your current profession or maybe you just have a viewpoint that you want to share with the world. I'd really like to hear from you! I, of course, will get the final say on what goes up on my blog, but I want to allow a lot of wiggle room for different ideas. An example that will be showing up here in the not too distant future will be about a scientific paper about the sexuality of flies and how this research may effect the way people view homosexuality in humans.

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