Friday, January 16, 2009

Men Wearing Strap-ons

I saw on Babeland and Early2Bed that strapons can be used by males, too. Other than in the case of Erectile Function Disorder, why would men use these? Is this a widespread activity among men?

There are a few different reasons that cisgendered men (or individuals born with a male body) would want to use a strap-on. One of them, is for ED like you mentioned. Another is for double penetration like with the Menage a Trois Fantasy Kit that I reviewed back in April.

Some men also just like the idea of not having to worry about whether or not their dick is hard and how long they can last. They may not have ED, but they just really want to fuck their partner until the wee hours of the morning. Or maybe this man has a partner who just loves his dick to pieces, but would like to try something a little different now and again. And instead of just using a dildo in hand, this guy likes to use his hips. And I'm sure there are still even more reasons that men would want to use strap-ons.

For any men who are interested in a harness that will leave room for their junk I would recommend the Menage a Trois Fantasy Kit for double penetration, or a harness that sits a bit higher up like The Crown Harness or The Commando Harness. Or if you're open to sprouting cocks from your legs you can also try out a thigh harness.

Is it widespread? From my experience working in a sex shop I'd say that it isn't too widespread. I do have cis men ask for strap-ons, but nowhere near as often as women and trans men.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eco Delight Kit

Maybe you couldn't find that perfect present for that special someone or you didn't get what you really wanted this year from Santa/Grandma. Well this is THE perfect gift! Babeland sent me this amazing Eco Delight Kit, which in some ways is very similar to their Eco Sexy Kit which I reviewed several months ago. But in other ways it is so much better!

It still includes the massage candle and the Mamba condoms. For reviews of those, just click on the links.

In addition to these, the kit also includes a different lube, toy, and a fabulous way to package it all up. And, in my opinion, they also manage to make it more eco-friendly.

The lube is one of Babeland's own called Naked. It is an organic lubricant that is supposedly infused with herbs and claims to be 100% natural. I don't know about any of these things, but it isn't tested on animals, has no parabens (a preservative), and contains vegetable glycerin which fewer women seem to have problems with. It also amazingly enough tastes good. Usually when it comes to lubes I aspire to no taste at all because the lubes that have flavor tend to taste chemically and super sweet. This has a very light lemony vanilla flavor that actually tastes pretty darn yummy. It's also a pretty thick lube so it would be good with heavier play and should last a pretty long time. On top of all that it comes in a glass bottle, which is more environmentally friendly than the plastic bottles that most lube comes in.

The toy is the Delight, which like the Laya Spot in the Eco Sexy kit, is also made by Fun Factory. And if you haven't heard of the Delight yet you really need to learn more! This is a favorite of many sex toy owners and with good reason. This toy is gorgeous looking and performs fantastically. It is ergonomically shaped so that it hits your g-spot and clit at the same time and also has a perfect handle for you to grab on to. Now keep in mind that not all women are shaped the same, so it might not work perfectly for all women, but I've heard very few complaints. The toy vibrates in both parts but the controls are not separate. This may be my only real complaint about this toy. I personally prefer stronger vibrations on my clit than in my vagina so I couldn't get the vibrations just right for me. However, if that's not a problem for you, this toy is great. It offers several different speeds and vibration patterns, which is very similar to the laya spot. The toy is also made out of hard plastic and silicone so it is non-porous and body safe. And whats even better about it is that it is rechargeable! Another huge point on the eco-friendly scale: no batteries needed! You just place it in its matching case to charge.

Being the dork that I am though I have to admit that my favorite part of the whole gift set is the gift bag it all comes in. It is made out of recycled paper and wildflower seeds so that you can actually plant it in your backyard and watch it grow. How cool is this!?!? I'm actually debating whether I should plant this or regift it to share with someone else who will think it is super cool.

I loved the original Eco Sexy kit, but I gotta say that the Eco Delight Kit blows the original out of the water especially when it comes to eco-friendliness.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oddest Searches December 2008

Happy 2009! Here are the oddest searches of December 2008 in no particular order:

- learn how to eat pussy labia (is there a good recipe for this?)
- human stuck in teen's vagina videos (um ... what?)
- female ejaculate is warm (yes, as are all bodily fluids when just expelled)
- using a broom handle as an anal sex toy (OMG NOOOOO!!!!)
- how to suck women nipple in a romantic way (as opposed to ...?)
- firey porno (sounds dangerous!)