Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Essin' Em Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard of the sexy, smart, kinky Essin' Em? If you don't know who she is you really really should. Seriously. She's pretty rad. For her blogiversary (damn 3 years!) she's got an epic contest going on and the prizes are so fantastic that I had to make time in my very busy schedule to search out the answers to all her questions. I should be in bed right now. Sooooo exhausted! Anyhoo the following are the answers to her scavenger hunt. And don't forget you can still enter my free porn contest which is wicked way easier, but admittedly not as cool. Details: here and here.

How old I am: 23

My real name: Shanna Katz

The names of my cats: Kinsey, Kali and Jasper

The number of lettered partners (ex: Q) I have had on my blog, and list them: 8: J, Q, K, F, S, L, M, C

Five of the companies I do review for (or have in the past): Liberator, SexToy.com, Babeland, Vibe Review, Good Vibrations

Where my first job was in the “adult industry”: HotMoviesForHer.com

My number one porn star crush: Jiz Lee

What happens everytime I get another 100 followers on Twitter: Tweet a nekkid pic

Who created my Facebook Fan Page: The Kinky Librarian

One blogger who helped me to find/understand my Femme identity: Sinclair Sexsmith

How many tattoos I have, and what they are (bonus if you know their meanings): 5 tattoos
1: Crescent moon with 4 stars and a tear drop. The tear drop is for sadness. Moon is the present and the stars are your future.
2.: Flying Pig with a banner below it that reads "Aba" which is Hebrew for father. Pigs were your dad's fave animal.
3. “Not all those who wander are lost.” A quote from LoTR
4: Two people embracing. One is more femme and that one is you and the other you can't tell. Its to show your love of sexuality
5. Femme spiral to show physical proof of belonging to such a strong and powerful group of women, queers, dykes, and more. 

The other country have I lived in: Germany

Number of states I’ve presented/taught in (bonus for which ones): 6: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, and Washington. She's also taught in the District of Columbia, which isn't technically a state.

My absolute favorite toy ever is: Hitachi Magic Wand (and really, isn't it everyone's? It should be!)

Two of my favorite kinky activities: fire play and electricity play

Eight sex/uality bloggers I have met in person: Audacia Ray, Jamye Waxman, Sinclair Sexsmith, Jiz Lee, Domina Doll, Furry Girl, and Bella Vendetta

Three issues I feel VERY strongly on: Queers, Trannies, and Fatties

Five of my top ten toys/lube/etc: Smart Balls, Lelo Gigi, Pjur Eros, Thigh harness, vampire gloves

Three of the four porn companies I’ve shot for: CrashpadSeries, GoodDykePorn, NoFauxxx

The color I am allergic to: Pink

Two of my favorite colors (bonus for all three): red, black, and white

My degrees are in: BA in Sociology and German and an M.Ed in Human Sexuality

One of my favorite body parts: Legs

What is special about my tongue: its geographic

Site my advice panel is on: The Lesbian Lifestyle

Site my column is on: Out Front Colorado


The number of comments on this blog: as of 10:45 PM CST 11/17/09 there are 4,823 comments ... omg I should get something for counting all those!

The number of posts on this blog: My count was 1091 as of 11/17/09

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